Scubapiti : Diving center in Moorea

Exploration Dives

Dives take place in the morning, twice a day : Departures at 7:45 AM and 10:00 AM. We dive twice a day.
We also organize dives for groups who have their own diving instructor. Contact Us

The PAPETOAI lagoon

This is where the initiation dive takes place.Sea anemones as well as Parrotfish, Angelfish, Clown, Puffer, Trumpet and Butterfly fish will make your first dive unforgettable.


Sharks! Blacktip, Grey and Lemon in abundance, from one to three meters long. Shoals of Blue Stripped Snapper and Sea Pike Barracuda. One of the most popular dive sites in Moorea.


This is the dive site where we most often see green and scaled Turtles in a magnificent coral garden. You can see Blacktip and Grey Sharks as well as a whole host of fish including Emperor Angels, Duck Bill Snappers, Moorish Idols, etc...
Exploration dives Exploration dives Exploration dives
Scuba diving in Moorea Scuba diving in Moorea Scuba diving in Moorea


This is a very pretty dive over an undulating garden of coral. You will see Blacktip Sharks, Rainbow Jacks, giant Trigger fish and Moray Eels and many more.

OPUNOHU's Canyons

The reef here forms a succession of headlands providing a home to hundreds of different species. One of the most prolific sites! Shoals of Rainbow Jack, Paddletail snapper, Moorish Idols and also Turtles, Blacktip and Lemon Sharks, Big Moray Eels, etc.


Beautiful roses of coral, starting at a depth of 10m and reaching 30m at the bottom. This coral garden is semi-circular, it's the reason why we call it "the comma". Blacktip Sharks, Turtles, and many other different species.

ROSES Garden

The deepest dive of Moorea (40-50m). The dive starts in the ocean, followed by a stunning descent into the" big blue", arriving on giant coral roses that go on as far as the eye can see! A few Lemon Sharks will come to greet you while you are floating above two funnel-shaped crevices. A great adventure!